Life is too short to be boring.

Howdy! I work for 3plains, a fantastic outdoors marketing and design agency located in Minnesota. We all work remotely, and we have clients scattered across the country, including Canada and Mexico. Most of my portfolio is from previous jobs but if you’d like to see some recent work check out our portfolio over at 3plains!

While I would love to list examples of all my work at Wells Fargo, that’s not possible with internal applications for a bank.

I had a theatre background before becoming a computer nerd, and that outgoing part of me refuses to be silenced. I love working with people and interacting with new clients. I have a great ability to translate technology for those who may not be too ‘tech-savvy’ and simply being a ‘code monkey’ doesn’t really satisfy.

I love the creative side of my job. I also love photography, which will become another piece of this site in my spare time between coding projects. I’ve photographed a couple weddings while the rest is just a hobby currently. If I can find a way to blend photography with a technology role somewhere, I will be quite happy. Until then…CODE MONKEY…and UI/UX design, my current passion on the technology side.

P.S. I’m a HUGE PINBALL NERD. While I only own one, the 33 my buddy owns keeps me busy both playing and fixing. I had a hand in creating Pinball on a Stick for the Minnesota State Fair but moving to Vegas last year was a factor in its closing. I hope to find a way to make it happen again in the near future. Sorry Minnesota pinball crew.